What community has to say

...in their own words.

..because you know, we might be baised.

I had a friend define success for me recently saying, “Success is having deep and meaningful relationships.”  This photo represents community, friendship, and deep rooted relationships.  I love coffee, but coffee together is something entirely different.

“This program has been a very refreshing experience for me. I learned a lot about myself from being a part of this space with unfamiliar people. Before I thought that I was doing a decent job at taking care of myself but after deeper conversations and meditation practices, I quickly realized that I was really just living my life in survival mode and putting other people's needs before my own. I must admit, I used to feel guilty doing something for myself before my family. I finally realize that it's okay to put ME first! After years of looking out for everyone else and forgetting about myself. Now I have a deeper mind, body and spiritual connection which tells me what I need. There are some days that I just want to rest and I do just that and there are days that I'm feeling energized and ready to go for a walk and I do just that! I do what I want to do at that moment. I feel better overall and I haven't been having headaches at all. I'm loving the new me! To someone interested in joining this program, I would explain to them how phenomenal my experience was and just challenge them to give it a try. After the first session, I'm sure that they will be looking forward to the next one because Michelle is just so AWESOME and you can just feel the positive vibes from the environment.”

Felicia S.
Jennifer M.

“This program has definitely made a positive impact in my life. I'm listening to my body and what it needs and not ignoring it. Also, finding it easier to connect with my mind, body, and spirit. This is a good program for the start of your own care. It gives you the tools to connect with yourself in a way that you would never imagine that it was possible to do. The parts of the program I enjoyed the most were: Sense of community; being with others with the same experience or similar as my own, learning and practicing wellness tools to regulate my mind, spirit and body. Personally, I would have liked more time combining yoga and mediation together. Since joining I’ve become more active in my life and I’m quicker to notice when my body feels dysregulated. I’m more consistent with setting quality time for myself and spending more quality time with friends and family. And I notice I’m better at handling challenging conversations with friends and even coworkers. ”

Jennifer M.
Coffee Shop Leaves

“This program has helped me grow so much as an individual. It has provided me with tools to cope with the challenges that family and work life can sometimes present. It has helped me to build community and friendships. I really enjoyed feeling like I am a part of a community with people who are like me. I notice that I’ve become better at my time management and I even changed my eating habits. If I had to say anything to anyone about joining the program I would say, “Just do it! I don’t feel like a victim of life’s circumstances any longer. I’m better at saying no to things that don’t support my mental, physical or emotional well being. ”

Christina L.